Staging a Littervention: Calling All Closeted Tree Huggers!

Littervention Intro copy

I am hereby staging a Littervention. The earth and our oceans are full of trash, and I am determined to do something about it.

Like many of you, I care about the environment. Also like many of you, I will probably never chain myself to a tree or live a zero waste life or compost my poop or completely forgo modern conveniences like airplanes and cars in the name of my beloved planet.

But here’s the thing: I can still care even if I’m not a raging environmentalist. And there are certainly things I can do to make a positive impact without being a perfectionist about the whole thing.

I am staging a Littervention because small things add up, because small acts and small habits, applied across humanity or even across a subset of humanity, make a big fat difference.

For example, here are a few times little things added up:

  • That time (some) Americans started realizing organic food > conventional food and the number of acres of certified organic US farmland tripled in 15 years. As it turns out, capitalism can be a beautiful thing.
  • That time a few pennies here and a quarter there added up to a grand total of $675,000 left at TSA airport security checkpoints in 2014 alone. That’s right. As a society, we could’ve helped restore a couple national parks, could’ve sent 27 kids to college on full scholarships, could’ve hired Bono to play some overhyped charity concert, but instead we gave our green to the bureaucracy that makes you take off your shoes and toss your 4oz face scrub because they said so and because terrorists.
  • That time no one really thought better of it as they sipped their bottled water and ate out of styrofoam takeout boxes and then 8 MILLION TONS of plastic ended up in our oceans in 2014 alone. In case you hate math, that’s equivalent to the weight of 3.3 million full size pickup trucks worth of plastic containers, plastic bags, and that super-hard-to-open plastic packaging your latest Target purchase came wrapped in, among, you know, thousands of other things, floating around in our ocean right now. Whoops.

Closeted environmentalists, gather round! Littervention is a place for trash talk (the filthiest kind), clever hacks that make our planet a cleaner, greener place, and the type of go-getter attitude that actually makes a damn difference. I am not a crazy chest-thumping tree hugger; I just love my planet and know there are tons of things I can be doing to take better care of her. Good or bad, small things add up. Let’s add up a whole bunch of good together!

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