Littervention, Meet Pregnancy

As it turns out, first trimester pregnancy and trash are not particularly great bedfellows. I know this because I just spent the last two and a half months not blogging about trash. Sorry, guys. It was kind of vomit inducing.

That said, I have a beautiful cop out. Littervention is not about being perfect. It’s about being conscious, doing the little things you can actually do, and making a difference without feeling guilted into doing so.

So yes. I had a few Littervention slipups during my first trimester of pregnancy. I could’ve been a better steward for the environment. But I still composted and (mostly) used my reusable water bottles and tried my best. And that has to count for something.

These are a few of my most egregious transgressions over the past couple of months. Forgive me mother earth, for I have sinned:

  1. I ate so much string cheese. For a period of about two weeks, individually wrapped, plastic-packaged string cheese was one of the only things I could tolerate. So I ate a lot of it. And the wrappers went in the trash. And no, there was not an alternative cheese that would have satisfied me.
  2. I generally wasted kind of a lot of food. The vast majority of that food made its way into the compost pile, so it could’ve been worse, but still. My pallate changed daily and something that had sounded amazing yesterday (mmm! apples!) would suddenly sound like poison. If my taste didn’t change before the food went bad, said food went in the compost pile. I learned to shop every day or every other day to avoid this wasteful conundrum.
  3. I was definitely not a do-gooder picking up other people’s trash. My husband even smelled weird to me for a few days. I wasn’t about to pick up someone’s three day old food wrapper off the street.
  4. There were a few (gasp) plastic water bottles. I went through a brief lime-flavored fizzy water phase. There were no limes at the grocery store (only lemons, which made me feel like I was drinking Pledge), so I got some pre-bottled lime fizzy water to soothe my stomach. It worked for like, four days, until I wised up and realized that lime fizzy water tasted uncannily similar to Pledge too. So I went back to the SodaStream.
  5. We ate out and got take out a lot. I didn’t have the energy or the planning foresight to plan out our family meals like I usually do, so we ate out a lot. Mostly, take out packaging is compostable or recyclable in San Francisco, but there are some things which are obviously getting tossed… like the little plastic container for ketchup and the plastic “eco-cup” for chocolate shakes at Roam Burger. (Yes, I just admitted there were a lot of hamburgers eaten over the last few months. They’re grass fed and delicious. It’s basically health food… or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.)

As you can see, most of my transgressions, unsurprisingly, had to do with food and my strong aversions to most of it. Now that I’m solidly into my second trimester, things have gotten better. I don’t have such strong food aversions, so I can actually plan meals and shop for a few days at a time. Good food no longer smells terrible to me, so I can finally cook again and make fresh homemade meals instead of eating just-in-time take out every night.

Most importantly, I have more energy, so I can get back to blogging. Expect to see a lot of me (and probably a few posts about babies) over the coming weeks and months!