Friday Links & Things: The Best Reads From the Past Week (Sep 25)

Great reads from this past week.

Some Clever Chap Came Up with an Ingenious Idea to Stop People from Littering (Viral Thread) Seriously though, this is brilliant.


I Don’t Use Shampoo and Haven’t in Over Five Years- Join Me (The Guardian) This article is actually not about shampoo. “Not doing anything because you can’t do everything? That makes you a crap environmentalist, and a defeatist. No one likes a defeatist.”


Scientists Call for a Ban on Microbeads (IFL Science) Microbead hate goes mainstream.

17.09 microbeads

Millions of Plastic Particles Polluting San Francisco Bay (SF Gate) As it turns out, the microbead problem is very, very close to home. On the bright side, more people are finally paying attention!

Millions of plastic particles in SF bay

EPA May Underestimate Landfill Methane (Scientific American) Ruhroh. The lesson here? Friends, teach friends how to compost.