Companies Doing Cool Things: Method Makes Soap Bottles from Ocean Plastic


Method, a soap company headquartered right here in San Francisco, is doing some pretty rad things. You may have seen their products at Whole Foods or Target, where their clean, colorful bottle designs positively pop off the shelf. If you’ve taken the time to take a sniff, you know their soaps smell as good as they look, but what you might not have known is that Method is doing some crazy good things for the planet too.

A Certified B Corporation, Method’s commitment to the planet is maybe no surprise to those like me who research their brands before they buy (into) them. But to those who haven’t heard, this brand is awesome and you should switch to their soaps yesterday.

method_ocean_plastic_bottlesMy favorite thing they’re doing? They turned one man’s trash into another man’s beautiful soap bottle. Method sent a bunch of employees to Hawaii (epic boondoggle alert!), collected a couple thousand pounds of trash and plastic off the beach, combined the plastic with recycled resins, and created this bottle from recycled ocean plastics.

I don’t even care that this is mostly a marketing gimmick, because Method’s ocean plastic bottle makes an awesome point. The fact is, plastic is part of our modern world whether we like it or not, and it’s probably not going away anytime soon. Until we make laws that somehow limit plastic’s use or regulate its disposal, it’s up to us as consumers to be responsible about the plastics we buy and what we do with the plastics we’re finished using. Method is making it easier for consumers to make good choices, and that’s a business decision I can respect!

P.S. Nope. I wasn’t paid by Method to talk about how great they are. I haven’t even talked to them! I just think more people should know about their awesome products and the great things they’re doing.