14 Times Your Treehugging Gets You Super Weird Looks

These looks are all too familiar.

1. When you ask the bartender for no straw, please.

super annoying gif

2. When you shop at a fancy store and right as the clerk is about to wrap your purchase in tissue paper and place it in a nice bag, you say: “No need. I’ll just put it in my tote.”

what not to wear gif

3. When you first tell your friends about the horrors of microbeads.

who does this gif

4. When you not-so-clandestinely shovel your leftovers into mason jars instead of asking for a takeout box.


5. When you ask the flight attendant if she could please refill your Klean Kanteen.

pan am what gif

6. When you pick up trash on the street just because.


7. When you kind of overreact because you realize you forgot to bring your reusable bags to the grocery store.



The confused checkout lady:


8. When you tell your friends you didn’t get the latest iPhone because the one you already have works well enough.


9. When you ask the girl at the juice bar if she could please put your juice in your reusable mug.

don't tell me what to do gif

10. When you bike to work… when it’s raining.


11. When you insist on composting/recycling the spent wrapping paper from the family Christmas extravaganza.

jlawrence ok

12. When you ask the help desk if there is a recycling bin anywhere nearby.


13. When you mention that you might like to try out cloth diapers.

terrible idea gif

14. When you tell your friends and family you are starting a blog about environmentalism.